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The Group of Friendship with the Republic of Moldova created in the Swiss Parliament

On 29 May 2018, in Bern, the ceremony on the occasion of the launch of the Group of Friendship with the Republic of Moldova in the Federal Assembly of the Swiss Confederation took place. The Group led by Ms. Christa Markwalder, former President of the National Council of the Federal Assembly, will be formed by members of both chambers of the Swiss Parliament, who have expressed their interest in developing relations of cooperation with our country.

Representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the Swiss Confederation, members of the newly created Group of Friendship, as well as other members of the Parliament and representatives of the Swiss legislative participated at the event organized at the Federal Parliament.

Participants at the ceremony have expressed their confidence that the Group of Friendship will constitute a new platform to strengthen the political dialogue between Republic of Moldova and Swiss Confederation and to develop bilateral relations in various areas of interest. On the occasion of the creation of the Group of Friendship, the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in the Swiss Confederation offered a tasting of Moldovan wines, which have been highly appreciated by the members of the Swiss Parliament.